Sad few weeks

The lack of postings was due to my mother’s last illness and death.

This took more both time and energy to deal with then I would have thought, one is never ready nor prepared to lose a parent the saddest part of this is everything she feared therefore had plans to deal with occurred, no one not the Dr, not the Nursing Home Staff, or my sister or myself had any power to even slow events down.

So I have been dealing with that, soory for not saying anything bore now other then a few posts on twitter.

Postings and the show will resume post hast

Thank you for your understanding


Why do I do this Podcast?

Was asked why I do the Milwaukee Mob Podcast.

Good question, I stated after talking with Mr. Jenkins and his encouraging me to do so, but what keeps me going is not the money I am making for I am not nor am I pushing that aspect and I should if only to cover what little costs I have doing this Podcast/web page but that is another story for another day.

Why I do this then?

Its very easy because of this Podcast I  have been able to come to know so many great folks.

I have learned so much from all my guests and my followers on Twitter, in very real ways I have been blessed by this and I am mega thankful.

I hope to repay your kindness by bringing top notch guests on the Podcast with exploring interesting ideas I have like doing more with conspiracies the more interesting ones.

Just maybe talk a look at a well a local mystery