Clingman Research Bureau



Need help with your research for your new book or news story you are working on, and finding you do not have the time or resources?

Have a lead to a great story and that information you have needs to be confirmed, to do so is just beyond  your grasp?

Your research has become a Rabbit hole and you need to know what is truly going on?

Need a trusted researcher who will NOT gossip about your project?

Then look no further then:

Clingman Research Bureau for your needs.

Yes, I am able, willing and interested in helping authors, film makers, (even lawyers) in research that you may need done, in a timely, efficient manner that will not brake the bank.

Being in S.E. Wisconsin I am near major university libraries as well have training in using on line data bases.

Knowing that information is valuable not to be shared with  third parties and kept secured from unauthorized third parties, steps can and will be taken to do so.

Willing to work by the hour or a project bases, I am eager to with you on your research project today.

Please contact me at with your needs today.